What Makes a High-End Speaker?

A media room featuring Meridian loudspeakers.

Looking for the Perfect Sound? Luxury Speakers and a Professional Installation Will Get You There!

For audiophiles around the world, there is no substitute for the sound of luxury speakers. Designed and engineered for optimal audio quality and a high-end listening experience, these speakers rely on premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and a professional installation to achieve the industry standard in sound at home. 

At r:home, we partner with top industry brands to offer our clients in Chicago, IL, the latest AV systems and high-end speakers in the market. But what exactly makes luxury speakers stand out, and what benefits do they bring to your smart home? Read on to learn more!

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Enjoy Movies Like Never Before With a Professional Surround Sound System

home theater with leather seats and wall-mounted screen playing a Marvel movie.

Experience the unparalleled sound that a surround sound system can bring to your home theater

Have you experienced the power of sound in a conventional movie theater? Would you like that same powerful all encompassing sound in the comfort of home? A professional installation delivers 3-dimensional sound that places you in the middle of the action whether you’re playing video games, listening to a live concert, or watching your favorite movie. Learn more about our surround sound systems for your Chicago, IL home and how they fit perfectly in your home theater.

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