Change Your Lighting for Every Mood with One Touch

A large bathroom and dressing area with Lutron lighting and shades.

The Personalized Approach to Lutron Lighting

In the late 1950s, a young physicist invented the first solid-state dimmer, enabling people to change the intensity of their home’s lighting. That significant event became the foundation of Lutron, a world leader in lighting control. Today, you find Lutron lighting in impressive buildings like the White House, the Guggenheim Museum, and the 52-story New York Times Building.

Not one to sit on their laurels, the company’s continued innovations have resulted in about 15,000 products and over 2,700 patents. Then, in 2018, they acquired Ketra and forever transformed how we light our homes in New Buffalo, MI.

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Living a Life of Luxury with Whole-Home Integration

Two people talking in the living room while watching the TV.

The True Essence of Smart Home Living

Imagine walking into your Winnetka, IL, home at the end of a long day and saying, “Josh, I’m home. Let’s relax.” Immediately, you watch the lights transform around you, settling into the amber colors of a setting sun. You hear your “Chillin’” playlist stream through nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers, high-resolution music that reveals every note and impacts every emotion. 

The music follows you as you grab a cold drink and head to your outdoor area. There, beautiful landscape lights greet you, and the fire pit ignites. The music surrounds you, coming from satellite speakers that resemble landscape lights. You lower yourself into the preheated spa and stare up at the vast starlit sky. 

This glimpse into a life of luxury is brought to you by whole-home integration. It’s a smart home controlled by a home automation platform. Gone are the many remotes and apps that control your connected devices. Now, all your smart home systems work in tandem. Like falling dominoes, a chain reaction begins, creating the perfect environment for every event, time of day, and mood.

Let’s explore the possibilities.

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The Components of a High-End Sound System

A luxury dining room with in-ceiling Sonance speakers.

Build Your Dream Sonance Speaker System for Premium Entertainment

When many people think of creating a premium audio system, they often only focus on the speakers. Of course, good speakers are crucial for providing hi-fi sound, but they aren’t the only component of a sound system. For your speakers to deliver clear and booming audio, you’ll need a quality sound source and a premier amplifier to direct it.

Sonance is a leading brand in speakers and sound systems. They have cutting-edge speakers and amplifiers perfect for creating a truly high-end sound system. Keep reading to see how each component helps provide astonishing sound and how Sonance can elevate the entertainment in your Chicago, IL, home.

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3 Ways Lutron Lighting Control Makes Your Life Better

A luxury home illuminated with Lutron lighting solutions.

Explore all the ways Lutron elevates your lifestyle!

Believe it or not, lighting is a vital element of a luxurious lifestyle. The right lighting solutions can instantly make your home more enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient. For this reason, we partner with Lutron, one of the leading brands in the lighting industry. Together, we are ready to enhance your lifestyle and bring more sophistication to your home.

Are you curious about all the ways Lutron lighting control can elevate your Lake Geneva, WI, home? Explore all the possibilities with us!

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Manage Daylight and Privacy with Lutron’s Elegant Smart Shades

Lutron shades halfway drawn in a dining area with sunlight filtering through.

Motorized Shades Offer Elevated Luxury and Effortless Control of Daylight

There’s something exquisitely beautiful when we walk into a home with sunlight streaming through the windows. The beauty of natural light softens the boundaries between nature and the home’s interior, providing warmth, energy, and golden illumination. 

Unfortunately, this same exquisite light brings with it damaging UV rays that can harm our home’s interiors. To minimize this effect, we tend to lower the shades when direct sunlight enters and leave them closed throughout our busy days. Ultimately, we miss out on the many benefits of natural light, including increased energy, an enhanced sleep-wake cycle, and improved moods.

Motorized shades change all that. At r:home, we partner with Lutron, the world leader in automated lighting and daylight control. This brand has led the way in continuous innovations in smart window shade technology, now offering styles fit for every home in over 1,400 fabrics. 

Let’s look at how these shades transform homes in Western Springs, IL, offering effortless control of daylight while enhancing a home’s design.

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