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Luxury Lighting Brightens Up Your Living Spaces


Bring Top-Tier Lighting to Your Home Today

Luxury lighting transcends its fundamental purpose of illumination to become a pivotal element of your home design and personal well-being! It’s an art form that shapes the atmosphere of a space, influences mood, and reflects the unique style of your household.

In this blog, we’ll explore the many benefits of incorporating luxury lighting across your Chicago, IL, home, highlighting its ability to enhance aesthetics, improve functionality, and promote well-being overall. Find out more by reading below!

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How Do I Modernize My Home Lighting?


A Guide to Modern Home Lighting Design


By updating your lighting, you gain greater convenience and control that sets a new standard in luxury living. But, the journey to modernize your home lighting requires understanding the options available. A well-thought-out lighting plan accentuates architectural features, showcases artwork, and creates dynamic lighting scenes that change with the click of a button. 


In the next sections, we'll delve deeper into how modern lighting technologies like smart lighting systems, dimmable LEDs, and innovative fixtures transform your home, making it more energy-efficient and in tune with your lifestyle. We'll explore the practical benefits of these features and how they create a brighter, smarter living space in your Chicago, IL, home.

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Enhancing Safety & Home Security with Lighting Control Systems

Front steps of a house illuminated by landscape lighting.

Smart Lighting Isn’t Just About Fun Colors 

We’re r:home, a home technology integrator in Chicago specializing in lighting control systems. We’ve written about how smart lighting systems can change the mood in your home or save energy. But there’s another aspect to lighting control that shouldn’t be overlooked—and that’s security. 

When your home’s lights and shades can be remotely controlled and automated, you can create a safer environment while you’re home or away. Learn how systems like Lutron work and can improve security in your Chicago home. 

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4 Reasons to Get a Dimmable Lighting Installation Right Now


Make Your Home More Inviting and Efficient with Our Solutions!

What does it take to make your home more comfortable and inviting? While there is no exact recipe to enhance your home’s environment, there is one element that you can never miss: the right lighting. From setting the mood to complementing your activities and even elevating your interior design, having the proper lighting solutions is essential to creating an enjoyable living space. 

One of our clients’ favorite technologies to achieve this is dimmable lighting installations, and in today’s blog, we’ll explore a few of the many benefits this technology can bring to your Chicago, IL, home. Let’s dive in!

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Experience the Magic of Motorized Blinds

A woman standing in a living room looking out picture windows covered by Hunter Douglas sheer shades.

Enjoy the Perfect Levels of Natural Light & Privacy Effortlessly

At first glance, the benefits of motorized blinds are evident: no more manually opening and closing every window covering in your home. Who can argue with that one? Smart window coverings, however, offer so much more. 

These intelligent shades can track the sun, opening and closing based on the sun's intensity and temperature. They automatically protect your home's interiors from harsh UV rays, provide the perfect amount of natural light, and create a greener Chicago, IL, home.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's explore the many features of motorized shades and their benefits.

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