Manage Daylight and Privacy with Lutron’s Elegant Smart Shades

Lutron shades halfway drawn in a dining area with sunlight filtering through.

Motorized Shades Offer Elevated Luxury and Effortless Control of Daylight

There’s something exquisitely beautiful when we walk into a home with sunlight streaming through the windows. The beauty of natural light softens the boundaries between nature and the home’s interior, providing warmth, energy, and golden illumination. 

Unfortunately, this same exquisite light brings with it damaging UV rays that can harm our home’s interiors. To minimize this effect, we tend to lower the shades when direct sunlight enters and leave them closed throughout our busy days. Ultimately, we miss out on the many benefits of natural light, including increased energy, an enhanced sleep-wake cycle, and improved moods.

Motorized shades change all that. At r:home, we partner with Lutron, the world leader in automated lighting and daylight control. This brand has led the way in continuous innovations in smart window shade technology, now offering styles fit for every home in over 1,400 fabrics. 

Let’s look at how these shades transform homes in Western Springs, IL, offering effortless control of daylight while enhancing a home’s design.

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