How to Get Luxury Lighting Control: Work with a Lutron Dealer

How to Get Luxury Lighting Control: Work with a Lutron Dealer

What to Expect When You Hire a Smart Lighting Company 

Have you ever stepped inside a hotel or restaurant and been awestruck by the incredible atmosphere? Something about the way the room felt was infectious and inviting, making you wish you could move in. 

While interior decorating can go a long way to create impressive environments, lighting is the most influential factor in a space’s ambiance. If you’re renovating your Chicago, IL home or moving into a new house, now’s the perfect time to rethink your lighting. 

And to enjoy the very best lighting, you should be able to control your lights’ color and brightness, adjusting groups of lights simultaneously. With a Lutron control system, lighting becomes an effortless and awe-inspiring experience. 

Lutron lighting systems can only be enjoyed to the fullest when you work with an official Lutron dealer. Here’s what you can expect by partnering with a Lutron dealer like r:home. 

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The All-In-One Experience of Home Automation

A woman’s hand reaching for a cup of coffee. A tablet with a home automation interface is next to her on the counter.

Can a Smart Home System Help You Live Simpler? 

Only a decade or so ago, many of us owned mp3 players, cell phones, and cameras that we used on a daily basis. If we were going on a trip, we’d pack our iPod, video camera, and car GPS before hitting the road. 

But once smartphones gained popularity, our music, cameras, and information were all consolidated into one device. We no longer need several gadgets to navigate the world. And with technology features like Apple Pay, some people don’t even carry a wallet when they leave the house anymore! 

You can think of smart home automation like the consolidation of smartphones. All your home’s devices and systems combine to be controlled from one platform, simplifying your daily routines. Systems like Control4 and Elan allow homeowners to access lighting, audio-video, HVAC, security, and more from a single interface, making home technology easier than ever. 

How does it work? Learn how the simplicity and luxury of automation can enhance your Lincoln Park, IL home below! 

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Front home porch with an illuminated pathway.

A landscape lighting system brings out the best in your outdoors with on-trend lights and easy control in your Chicago, IL home.

Easily transform your deck, pool or backyard with the functionality and style of a landscape lighting system linked to lighting control throughout your Chicago, IL home. On-trend lights can highlight your home's architectural details and use motion sensor-activated path lights can keep walkways illuminated for safety. Manage all landscape lighting through a smart device and create unique preset scenes for any outdoor occasion. Read on to learn more about the unique benefits you'll gain from a new landscape lighting system.

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