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Three Home Spaces Improved by Smart Lighting Control

A Lutron smart switch on a black and gold tiled wall.  

Tap Once to Bring the Magic of Lighting Automation to Every Room in Your Smart Home

Smart technologies are now better than ever, and nowhere is this more apparent than in lighting automation systems. One tap on your smartphone, and every space at home becomes more personalized, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Doesn’t that sound like a great addition to your own luxury home? 

At r:home, we will create a smart home tailored to you and your lifestyle. So, whether you're looking to upgrade your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, we will help you transform your home in Western Springs, IL, through the magic of lighting automation! 

Here are just a few of the benefits that lighting automation solutions bring to three different spaces in any smart home. 

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What’s Behind Lutron Home Automation?

The exterior of a luxury home featuring Lutron lights.

The Unparalleled, Control, Aesthetics, and Convenience of Lutron HomeWorks

Luxury and automation go hand in hand. After all, a luxury smart home is only as smart and luxurious as its technology systems, which in turn must be automated to work up to the highest standards. That’s why we r:home recommends Lutron home automation to most of our clients in Chicago, IL.

Whether it is lights, motorized shades, or control interfaces, Lutron has proven time and again to be the industry leader in lighting control, engineering smart devices built for luxury, integration, and automation. 

Read on to learn more about Lutron’s home automation system and how it is designed to get you the most out of your smart home. 

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Lighting Design Leads to Smarter Smart Homes

A living room featuring Lutron lights and shades.

Professional Lighting Design Will Enhance Every Room in Your Smart Home

Your smart home in Chicago, IL, is your pride and joy, a testament to the life of luxury you have worked so hard for. Every detail is a reflection of who you are. Each room and its technology systems were designed and automated to reflect and optimize your lifestyle. So, why should lighting design be any different?

At r:home, we will design and install a lighting control system tailored to you and your unique needs, giving you a smarter, more beautiful, and more energy-efficient home. But don’t just take our word for it! 

Read on to learn how lighting design and control improve different spaces across your home.

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3 Ways Lutron Lighting Control Makes Your Life Better

A luxury home illuminated with Lutron lighting solutions.

Explore all the ways Lutron elevates your lifestyle!

Believe it or not, lighting is a vital element of a luxurious lifestyle. The right lighting solutions can instantly make your home more enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient. For this reason, we partner with Lutron, one of the leading brands in the lighting industry. Together, we are ready to enhance your lifestyle and bring more sophistication to your home.

Are you curious about all the ways Lutron lighting control can elevate your Lake Geneva, WI, home? Explore all the possibilities with us!

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How to Get Luxury Lighting Control: Work with a Lutron Dealer

How to Get Luxury Lighting Control: Work with a Lutron Dealer

What to Expect When You Hire a Smart Lighting Company 

Have you ever stepped inside a hotel or restaurant and been awestruck by the incredible atmosphere? Something about the way the room felt was infectious and inviting, making you wish you could move in. 

While interior decorating can go a long way to create impressive environments, lighting is the most influential factor in a space’s ambiance. If you’re renovating your Chicago, IL home or moving into a new house, now’s the perfect time to rethink your lighting. 

And to enjoy the very best lighting, you should be able to control your lights’ color and brightness, adjusting groups of lights simultaneously. With a Lutron control system, lighting becomes an effortless and awe-inspiring experience. 

Lutron lighting systems can only be enjoyed to the fullest when you work with an official Lutron dealer. Here’s what you can expect by partnering with a Lutron dealer like r:home. 

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4 Ways To Save Energy With Lutron Lighting Control Solutions

Living room with lights dimmed using Lutron dimmers to save energy.

Eco-Friendly Elegance Is Possible With Lutron

Lutron has been providing elegant lighting control solutions since 1961. It may surprise you that while its focus is to add luxury to your home, it is also a very eco-conscious company and wants you to save energy while enjoying the beauty of its lighting solutions.

With automated features and sleek designs that add comfort and convenience to your day, Lutron lighting and shading solutions are a stylish and sophisticated choice for homeowners in Lincoln Park, IL. If the environment and lowering electricity bills are on your mind, continue reading to learn about four ways Lutron can help you save energy.

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