4 Ways To Save Energy With Lutron Lighting Control Solutions

Living room with lights dimmed using Lutron dimmers to save energy.

Eco-Friendly Elegance Is Possible With Lutron

Lutron has been providing elegant lighting control solutions since 1961. It may surprise you that while its focus is to add luxury to your home, it is also a very eco-conscious company and wants you to save energy while enjoying the beauty of its lighting solutions.

With automated features and sleek designs that add comfort and convenience to your day, Lutron lighting and shading solutions are a stylish and sophisticated choice for homeowners in Lincoln Park, IL. If the environment and lowering electricity bills are on your mind, continue reading to learn about four ways Lutron can help you save energy.

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RadioRA3 Gives a Smart Boost to Your Custom Lighting Fixtures

Lutron light panel on the wall of an elegant smart home.

RadioRA3 Provides Superior Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Smart lighting systems give  homeowners more control over their home’s lighting. They make it easier to turn your lights on and off, dim them, and set scenes. It truly can transform how you interact with your space.

Lutron has been a leading brand in smart lighting control for years, and they raised the bar earlier this year with the release of RadioRA3. RadioRA3 is an upgraded version of the wireless lighting system RadioRA2, with a better processor and sleeker wall panels. Keep reading to see how RadioRA3 makes it easier to control all the custom lighting fixtures in your Lincoln Park, IL, home!

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Work with a Wi-Fi Consultant to Keep Your Business Running Efficiently

Co-workers conversing and using smart devices in a large office space.

A Reliable Connection Is a Must for Your Work Environment

A well-run business relies heavily on a fast, secure and reliable network connection. If your Chicago, IL company’s Wi-Fi connection isn’t up to par, your teams and office atmosphere will suffer as a result.

Want to get your network system updated and ready to maintain your daily operations? A trusted Wi-Fi consultant like r:home can bring a professional installation and upgrade to your office space and the entire building. Keep reading below to learn more about our commercial networking services and solutions. 

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2 Ways Automatic Blinds Adapt to Your Routine

A luxurious living room with automatic blinds.

Experience More Control and Luxury By Letting Your Blinds Work for You

When purchasing a new home, many people look for a house with beautiful windows that let in ample natural light. People love natural lights because of the way it illuminates a space and increases overall productivity and mental well-being. However, complicated manual blinds that never want to adjust properly and tend to break make it harder to take advantage of a home’s natural light. That’s why automatic blinds are such a popular addition in many smart homes. Motorized shades make it much easier to control the window treatments in your Chicago, IL, home, plus you can automate them to fit your needs. 

There are two main ways to automate your blinds. You can set a custom schedule or allow them to sense the light needs in your house. Keep reading to learn more about both of these options.

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3 Amazing Uses for High-End Speakers

Beautiful living room equipped with Sonos in-wall speakers.

Deliver Premium Audio To Your Entire Home

Music and audio are a big part of our daily lives. No matter the activity, we are almost always listening to something, whether it’s music in the morning, an audiobook while cooking dinner, or some soft tunes to relax with the family. That’s why so many people integrate high-end speakers into their homes. 

Home audio may not seem as important as smart lighting or climate control, but it’ll bring a whole new level of luxury to your Lincoln Park, IL, home. Need some ideas? check out these three areas you can incorporate premium speakers into your home!

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