Enjoy Movies Like Never Before With a Professional Surround Sound System

home theater with leather seats and wall-mounted screen playing a Marvel movie.

Experience the unparalleled sound that a surround sound system can bring to your home theater

Have you experienced the power of sound in a conventional movie theater? Would you like that same powerful all encompassing sound in the comfort of home? A professional installation delivers 3-dimensional sound that places you in the middle of the action whether you’re playing video games, listening to a live concert, or watching your favorite movie. Learn more about our surround sound systems for your Chicago, IL home and how they fit perfectly in your home theater.

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Movies are completely transformed by their soundtracks which is why a surround sound system is a vital component of your home theater. Realistic movie effects should burst out of your speakers and flood the room whether it’s the overhead sounds of a plane flying overhead or the hushed tones of dialogue in front of you.

This is accomplished by combining high-performance speakers with Dolby-atmos enabled AV receivers. Dolby Atmos creates object-based sound that travels from speaker to speaker instead of being relegated to a specific channel. This creates a more natural, free flowing sound that truly surrounds you from all sides. 


For every home, the sound needs are different. For example, for many people, surround sound is essential for movies in their home theater and for others, it also serves music purposes. No matter your needs, the design and installation process will be completely customized to meet your expectations and needs. 

Aspects that should be taken into account for the installation are the room measurements that will affect the number of speakers needed to create truly encompassing sound. Certain rooms–like square ones– as well as hard surfaces (like glass windows) will require acoustical treatments to avoid muffled sound. In the case of windows, motorized shades can also help your acoustic performance. 


Your state-of-the-art system will go to waste if it’s not easy to use. As part of your installation, we make it easy to activate and adjust your surround sound. For example, choose a “Movie Watching” scene or mode in your control device of choice and your AV receiver will activate its Dolby Atmos signals. For a “Music” Scene it will take advantage of your front speakers to adjust to a 2-channel signal more ideal for listening to your favorite recordings. 


Are you ready to experience surround sound that transforms your favorite entertainment? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation through our online form, website chat or call. We look forward to working with you!

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