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Smart Home Tip: Use Scheduling for Motorized Window Treatments

Close up of Lutron motorized window treatments.

Make the Most of Natural Light & Privacy

Window shades and blinds may seem innocuous enough, but they can be rather bothersome. Roller shades often get stuck or won’t adjust to the right level, and blind cords end up tangled with lopsided slats. If your house has many windows or glass walls, shades and drapes may be such a bother that you keep them drawn or open all day. 

But there is a better way. Lighting systems like Lutron let you wirelessly control motorized window treatments, so they rise and lower with a single command. Or you can use timers and schedules to automate when your shades adjust throughout the day. 

Whether you already own a smart home system or are just getting started, here’s why Lutron’s motorized window treatments are the ultimate accessory for your Chicago, IL, home. 

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Control & Automate with Lutron 

Lutron is a home lighting controller that allows you to sync all your LED lights and motorized shades to one easy-to-control system. With Lutron, you can access your motorized window treatments on the Lutron app, through voice control, or by pressing buttons on a wall keypad. 

While smart control is handy, you can also automate shades to activate independently according to your schedule. On the Lutron app, you can create new schedules by “Scheduling an Event” and selecting the rooms and windows you want to automate. Next, you can choose the days of the week this event should occur and select a time. 

So imagine a “Morning” event that raises the shades in your room at seven-thirty and the kids’ shades at eight. You can even customize how wide the shades should open to achieve your desired look.

Using Motorized Shades All Day 

There are many times a day we feel thankful to own and use motorized window treatments. Consider the following ways you can schedule your motorized shades: 

  • Early morning: start your day with sunshine and a view 
  • Noon: shades lower to prevent artwork, pictures, and fabrics from fading. In summer, shades will keep rooms cooler, so you rely less on the AC 
  • Afternoon: shades may adjust while you’re out of the house to mimic an occupied household 
  • Sunset: shades open so you can enjoy the golden hour and sunset
  • Evening: shades lower automatically for bedtime privacy 

Does it get any handier than that? By using schedules with your motorized shades, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and will feel better as ample sunlight bathes your Chicago home. 


If you’re interested in learning more about smart lighting control or home automation, r:home is here to help. Contact our team of home technology experts here to get started today!

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