2 Ways Automatic Blinds Adapt to Your Routine

A luxurious living room with automatic blinds.

Experience More Control and Luxury By Letting Your Blinds Work for You

When purchasing a new home, many people look for a house with beautiful windows that let in ample natural light. People love natural lights because of the way it illuminates a space and increases overall productivity and mental well-being. However, complicated manual blinds that never want to adjust properly and tend to break make it harder to take advantage of a home’s natural light. That’s why automatic blinds are such a popular addition in many smart homes. Motorized shades make it much easier to control the window treatments in your Chicago, IL, home, plus you can automate them to fit your needs. 

There are two main ways to automate your blinds. You can set a custom schedule or allow them to sense the light needs in your house. Keep reading to learn more about both of these options.

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1. Custom Schedule

This option may be for you if you know exactly how you like your blinds throughout the day. With your smart home automation platform, you can automate your Lutron, or Hunter Douglas blinds to open and close exactly when you want. So, for example, they can open as you wake up and close as you leave for work. Just set the time you’d like to see them open and close, and they’ll work automatically every day, so you don’t need to worry about them yourself on a daily basis. 

2. Tracking Daylight

The sun moves throughout the day, which means you won’t get the same level of daylight by keeping your shades in one position. With Lutron shades, you can take advantage of Hyperion Solar-adaptive shading to have your shades adjust as the sun moves. 

Hyperion uses your geographical location to determine the sun’s route to ensure your shades are optimized to give your home the most natural light possible. This way, you can take advantage of natural light all day, decreasing the need to spend electricity on your artificial lights. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of natural light exposure, which can help strengthen your productivity while improving your mood. 

Homeowners should ensure they have a shading system that helps them take advantage of natural light in their homes. By incorporating sunlight, you can save money on utility bills, improve the overall aesthetic of your home, and experience more productivity during the day and restfulness at night.

Are you ready to upgrade your Chicago, IL, home by installing automatic blinds? The team of professionals at r:home can help you find the motorized shade product that works best for your home, install them, and help you automate them to fit your schedule. Contact r:home today!

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