Front home porch with an illuminated pathway.

A landscape lighting system brings out the best in your outdoors with on-trend lights and easy control in your Chicago, IL home.

Easily transform your deck, pool or backyard with the functionality and style of a landscape lighting system linked to lighting control throughout your Chicago, IL home. On-trend lights can highlight your home's architectural details and use motion sensor-activated path lights can keep walkways illuminated for safety. Manage all landscape lighting through a smart device and create unique preset scenes for any outdoor occasion. Read on to learn more about the unique benefits you'll gain from a new landscape lighting system.

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In addition to providing a sense of security and adding style to your home, a landscape lighting system can also add functionality. Although it may seem complicated to manage the lighting of such a large space, incorporating a lighting control system will greatly simplify this management. We will help you incorporate a lighting control system to make it easy to take full, smart control of every outdoor area of your home.

From a single interface, you can manage your system. This system can be the same you currently use to control indoor lighting, audio and video, security, and climate. You can access it from your smartphone, tablet or touch panel to manage your home's landscape lighting with a touch of a button.


Highlight the unique features of your home. Create scenes that activate certain lights simultaneously to match a specific activity. For example, activate the pool scene at night and let the dim lighting draw a halo of light around your pool.

A "Welcome" scene will light up the fountain at the front of your house so that when guests arrive, the path to the front door gets illuminated. Use a "Movie Night" scene to turn on the patio lights, and dim the terrace light so that the only brightness is from your outdoor TV for a movie under the night sky.


Landscape lighting adds luxury to your home's architecture and spaces and helps you see where you're walking for increased safety. While many people prefer to keep outdoor lights on all the time, landscape lighting offers solutions such as motion sensors that illuminate paths when someone is approaching. These sensors will help you save energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Just as motion sensors help you conserve energy, smart schedules will also allow you to do this, as scheduling specific times will help you use light only when needed. For example, program arrival times and sunset or sunrise schedules and get the most out of your landscape lighting system without wasting energy. You can use a variety of automation options to tailor your landscape lighting to your preferences.


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