A Lutron Dealer Helps You Illuminate Your Living Spaces with Ease


Bring Integrated Lighting & Shading to Your Everyday Smart Home Living

Lighting can transform every aspect of your home – from how it appears to you and guests to how it makes everyone feel in it at every hour of the day. The right lighting is crucial for an enhanced living experience, and for this level of illumination, you need the best lighting solutions in the industry.

Lutron is the leading brand in home lighting and motorized shading – and as your Lutron dealer in the Chicago, IL area, r:home is here to bring these smart solutions to your property! Want to learn more about these technologies and our services? Just keep reading on below.

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The Best in Lighting & Shading

It’s no question that when it comes to smart lighting and shading, Lutron is the high-end brand to turn to. Imagine lighting fixtures and motorized window treatments perfectly integrated with one another and the rest of your home’s smart solutions. It will only take one tap of a button to brighten up your living spaces and create the ultimate home environment.

Lutron offers a variety of fixtures and shading models to choose from so you can match your home’s interior design and even personalize products to different rooms’ aesthetics. Not only will these solutions offer convenience and comfort for your daily lifestyle, but they also enhance your home security! Lutron Vacation Mode lets you set your lighting and shading to “away” while you’re gone, having your fixtures operate as though you were home. As a result, you’ll fool potential intruders and return to a safe and secure home.

A Seamless Process

With these robust lighting solutions for your property, you need a team with the expertise to handle these products and technologies – and the knowledge on how to implement them seamlessly into your existing smart home setup. A Lutron dealer like r:home is equipped with the experience required for every installation and upgrade!

Lutron solutions and systems require far more than a DIY setup. These smart technologies from such a high-end brand need a professional installation by a team you can rely on from start to finish. Our integrators at r:home aim to deliver a customized lighting and shading system that uniquely meets your daily needs and preferences and effortlessly integrates into your home and lifestyle.


Want to transform the lighting throughout your property with these innovative solutions? As your local Lutron dealer, r:home can make it a reality for you. Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Friday, 24 March 2023

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