4 Ways To Save Energy With Lutron Lighting Control Solutions

Living room with lights dimmed using Lutron dimmers to save energy.

Eco-Friendly Elegance Is Possible With Lutron

Lutron has been providing elegant lighting control solutions since 1961. It may surprise you that while its focus is to add luxury to your home, it is also a very eco-conscious company and wants you to save energy while enjoying the beauty of its lighting solutions.

With automated features and sleek designs that add comfort and convenience to your day, Lutron lighting and shading solutions are a stylish and sophisticated choice for homeowners in Lincoln Park, IL. If the environment and lowering electricity bills are on your mind, continue reading to learn about four ways Lutron can help you save energy.

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Lutron offers a wide variety of dimmers that help homeowners save energy. Did you know dimming a light just by 25% can save about 20% of energy use and extend the bulb's life? Lutron estimates regular dimming practices can save homeowners up to $30.00 annually.

But energy savings are not the only thing to love about Lutron's dimmers. If you're looking to create the perfect evening ambiance in your home, dimming adds a unique luxury and comfort to enhance activities like relaxing with a book or enjoying dinner. In addition, Lutron's dimmers come in various colors and styles to make it easier to coordinate with the design of your home.


Lighting sensors are often used in commercial buildings to control energy use, but they are also becoming more popular in homes. Consider adding Lutron's daylight or occupancy/vacancy sensors to your home to help reduce energy consumption. Here is an overview of both options:

  • Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors - uses motion detection functions to turn lights on and off in a room. Helpful for those who want to eliminate leaving lights on in rooms.
  • Daylight Sensors - uses light sensing to balance the amount of electric light needed in a room with the amount of natural light available. Reduces the need for lights to be on at full power throughout the day.

Whole-Home Lighting Control

Lutron's whole-home lighting control will add convenience, automation, and energy savings to your home. Using the programmable functions of the control, you'll be able to schedule lights to turn on and off throughout the day to manage energy use without constantly thinking about it. Manage dimmers and conveniently adjust light settings using Lutron's keypad options or a tablet.

Shading Solutions

Lutron also offers a variety of motorized shades that are a great eco-friendly option to help control your home's temperature. By programming the shades to lower during the hours of direct sunlight, you can keep rooms cooler and save on air conditioning use. Alternately, in the winter, these high-quality shades can help to contain heat in your home, adding a level of insulation from the cold.


Please contact us if you're interested in learning more about Lutron lighting and shading solutions and how they could help save energy in your Lincoln Park, IL home.

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