Work with a Wi-Fi Consultant to Keep Your Business Running Efficiently

Co-workers conversing and using smart devices in a large office space.

A Reliable Connection Is a Must for Your Work Environment

A well-run business relies heavily on a fast, secure and reliable network connection. If your Chicago, IL company’s Wi-Fi connection isn’t up to par, your teams and office atmosphere will suffer as a result.

Want to get your network system updated and ready to maintain your daily operations? A trusted Wi-Fi consultant like r:home can bring a professional installation and upgrade to your office space and the entire building. Keep reading below to learn more about our commercial networking services and solutions. 

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Enhance Your Video Conferencing & Smart Technology Performance

With an expanded bandwidth and enterprise-grade equipment across your commercial property, you won’t have to stress that a call or meeting will drop right in the middle of a crucial moment or delivery. A robust network connection guarantees crystal-clear audio, stunning visuals, and zero buffering symbols in sight. You’ll be able to experience streamlined, uninterrupted coverage in every office space, boardroom, and area in between.

High Speeds & High-End Security

The day moves quickly throughout the workspace, and you want to be able to get deliverables and information out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Only a high-speed Wi-Fi network can make this a reality for your everyday work routine. You won’t have to wait endlessly for webpages to load, documents to submit, or video calls to pull up when you click the appropriate button.

With a secure network connection, you can send, upload, and more via your system without any worry at all! Professional firewalls and encryptions in place will provide a secure connection you can depend on throughout the entire workday. Employ dedicated VLANs to further protect vulnerable information available on your network. .

Work with the Professionals

A top-tier Wi-Fi network requires a professional Wi-Fi consultant to implement its comprehensive design. Our team of experts at r:home is here for every step of your network installation and setup! From installing access points and proper security solutions to integrating all your connected devices under one cohesive design, r:home can make the entire setup a breeze. Our networking expertise and high-end solutions will leave you with a Wi-Fi connection you can rely on for years and years to come. 


Work with a trusted Wi-Fi consultant today! Our team at r:home is here to assist with upgrading your commercial Wi-Fi network and connection across your entire building. Want to find out more about our trusted services? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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