RadioRA3 Gives a Smart Boost to Your Custom Lighting Fixtures

Lutron light panel on the wall of an elegant smart home.

RadioRA3 Provides Superior Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Smart lighting systems give  homeowners more control over their home’s lighting. They make it easier to turn your lights on and off, dim them, and set scenes. It truly can transform how you interact with your space.

Lutron has been a leading brand in smart lighting control for years, and they raised the bar earlier this year with the release of RadioRA3. RadioRA3 is an upgraded version of the wireless lighting system RadioRA2, with a better processor and sleeker wall panels. Keep reading to see how RadioRA3 makes it easier to control all the custom lighting fixtures in your Lincoln Park, IL, home!

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New and Improved Processor

The biggest difference between RadioRA2 to RadioRA3 is the processor. The RadioRA3 processor combines two RadioRA3 devices into one. You can control up to 200 Lutron devices with just one of these processors which use radio frequencies (RF) to communicate and manage all of the Lutron devices in your home. It can be installed right into your wall in a central area for total coverage and fast performance. 

Beautiful and Convenient Wall Panels

Another upgrade from RadioRA2 to RadioRA3 is the wall panels. RadioRA3’s wall panels are sleek and customizable, with many different colors and finish options to choose what works best in each room. Perhaps you use a simple dimmer in the living room but a keypad with scenes in your kitchen. And every RadioRA3 wall panel has a light bar that makes it easier to find it in the dark. In addition, the light bar is adjustable, so you can brighten or turn it off however you like.

During installation, you can choose room-specific scenes for your lighting system. For example, perhaps you want a cooking scene in your kitchen and a dinner party scene in your dining room. Those scenes will adjust the lights and other Lutron devices just in those rooms to your preferred settings. You can also automate scenes that adjust the whole house, such as an away scene for when you leave the house.

Integration With Lutron Smart Shades

RadioRA3 is a great lighting control system. But it’s also so much more. The RadioRA3 processor works not only with Lutron light switches and controls but also with Lutron smart shades. That means you can integrate shading scenes and lighting scenes for cohesive control. For example, if you want bright white lights and open windows in your kitchen in the morning, program your lights and shades to adjust during a morning scene. It’s easier than ever to control your entire home.


If you want more control over your custom lighting fixtures and shades, then you need Lutron’s RadioRA3. If you have any questions or want to start your home lighting project, contact r:home today! We are your local Lincoln Park, IL, Lutron dealer and can help you find the right lighting solution for your home.

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