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Enjoy Life More with Lutron Motorized Blinds

Lutron motorized shades half-open on three windows in a bedroom decorated with gray and white tones.

Add Convenience, Style, and Security to Your Home with Automation 

If there is one recommendation we love to make to our clients, it is investing in motorized blinds. Once you do, you’ll wonder how you got by without them. There’ll be no more glares across your television, faded furniture, and no more high electricity bills due to intense cooling on a hot summer day.

As a Lutron dealer, we highly recommend the quality and style of Lutron motorized blinds. Lutron is the leading brand in this technology and offers various options to ensure your satisfaction.

Continue reading for ways that Lutron motorized blinds can help you enjoy life more in your Lincoln Park, IL home.

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Energy Savings

So many of our clients don’t realize the impact that lowering your blinds can have on your energy bills. Preventing the afternoon sun from heating your home can save you a good amount of money. For instance, program Lutron motorized blinds to close during the height of the day’s heat, reducing the load on your air conditioner. Not only will your bills be lower, but you’ll also find more pleasure in your afternoon sunroom reading or watching the football game when you’re not contending with the glare from the sun.

Enhanced Home Security and Safety

You’ve probably heard about home lighting systems that can be programmed to your daily routine and activated even while you are away to enhance security. For example, program your Lutron motorized blinds the same way, opening and closing throughout the day to make it appear as though someone is home. 

Additionally, motorized shades are a safer version of traditional blinds because they are cordless and do not threaten small children or animals who could become entangled in the cords. This additional safety measure will make you worry less about protecting those loved ones when playing out of view.

Protect Your Investments

Luxurious home furnishings are an investment, and you want to see them maintain their beauty for years to come. However, sitting in the afternoon sun, furniture will quickly fade and lose its luster. Protect those prized pieces with motorized blinds by automating them to lower when the harsh sun hits.

Enjoy Added Convenience

Nothing compares to the added convenience of automation. It may seem like you are only saving a few steps a day; however, you are also saving yourself the disruption of activities and comfort. For example, who wants to get out of bed in the morning to open the blinds? With your motorized blinds, you have the option to program them to open and close at specific times, or you can also control them on demand using your smart home control, mobile app, or a separate remote. 

We want all of our clients to enjoy living the good life in Lincoln Park, IL, which is why we’d love to show you the difference Lutron motorized blinds can make in your day. So, please stop by our showroom or complete our online form to learn more.

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