The All-In-One Experience of Home Automation

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Can a Smart Home System Help You Live Simpler? 

Only a decade or so ago, many of us owned mp3 players, cell phones, and cameras that we used on a daily basis. If we were going on a trip, we’d pack our iPod, video camera, and car GPS before hitting the road. 

But once smartphones gained popularity, our music, cameras, and information were all consolidated into one device. We no longer need several gadgets to navigate the world. And with technology features like Apple Pay, some people don’t even carry a wallet when they leave the house anymore! 

You can think of smart home automation like the consolidation of smartphones. All your home’s devices and systems combine to be controlled from one platform, simplifying your daily routines. Systems like Control4 and Elan allow homeowners to access lighting, audio-video, HVAC, security, and more from a single interface, making home technology easier than ever. 

How does it work? Learn how the simplicity and luxury of automation can enhance your Lincoln Park, IL home below! 

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Control from One System 

Unlike DIY smart homes, a professionally installed system like Control4 or Elan brings all your technology under one umbrella. The home controller works like your system’s brain, sending and receiving commands to all your devices. This means from the same application, you can control lighting, shading, thermostats, fans, HVAC, audio, video, streaming services, security devices, automated door locks, and much more. 

After our smart home installation, you won’t need several remotes on the coffee table or folders full of apps on your phone. Instead, everything will be synced to one system! 

App, Remote, Keypad? Your Choice 

Some people love the convenience of taking out their phone, tapping the “Home” button and letting their smart system activate. But if a phone app doesn't feel intuitive to you, you can also use a handheld remote with all the apps and buttons you’ll need to control your smart home. We can even install custom wall keypads with buttons like “Morning” and “Night” that activate personalized home scenes. 

Some homeowners prefer to use a larger touchscreen control panel, either mounted on the wall or propped on a counter. And for those on-the-go moments, you can use voice control to activate lights, AV, and any connected smart device. Home automation means you can be flexible about how you control your home. You can even access the system while you’re miles away! 

Automate to Anticipate Your Needs 

Control is only half the equation. You can use your smart home for automation, too! We program home systems to activate and react automatically— and the possibilities are nearly endless. 

For example, we can program your system so that as you pull into the driveway, landscape lighting and first-floor lights automatically turn on after dark, and HVAC powers on to make your home feel comfortable. When you turn on your home theater, shades can automatically lower and lights dim to create the perfect movie night setting. We can even automate lights, shades, and security to activate according to your scheduled routine, so you won’t have to provide any directions. 

Are you ready to simplify your daily routines and save more time at home? You can learn more about our home automation solutions in Chicagoland by contacting our team here. We look forward to working with you! 

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Friday, 24 March 2023

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