What’s Behind Lutron Home Automation?

The exterior of a luxury home featuring Lutron lights.

The Unparalleled, Control, Aesthetics, and Convenience of Lutron HomeWorks

Luxury and automation go hand in hand. After all, a luxury smart home is only as smart and luxurious as its technology systems, which in turn must be automated to work up to the highest standards. That’s why we r:home recommends Lutron home automation to most of our clients in Chicago, IL.

Whether it is lights, motorized shades, or control interfaces, Lutron has proven time and again to be the industry leader in lighting control, engineering smart devices built for luxury, integration, and automation. 

Read on to learn more about Lutron’s home automation system and how it is designed to get you the most out of your smart home. 

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The Magic of HomeWorks OS

As certified Lutron dealers, we carry a number of different automation options, such as the Caseta and RA2 Select systems, which can control up to 75 and 100 devices, respectively. But if it's luxury you’re after, Lutron HomeWorks is the way to go!

The HomeWorks system offers seamless lighting control, best-in-class dimming technology, and the latest in motorized window treatments and light fixtures, all in one package. Paired with a QSX processor, HomeWorks also connects to the cloud, allowing for seamless home-wide control through the Lutron mobile app from anywhere on earth. So, what exactly could you do with a new HomeWorks OS? Let’s just say that easily creating lighting scenes and controlling lights and shades with a screen tap is only the beginning! 

Built for Luxury & Integration

Architectural lights are part of any luxury home, smart or not, but Lutron offers a whole lot more. Lutron’s sophisticated, intuitive, and powerful controls and interfaces come in dozens of sleek metal finishes designed to match and enhance your home’s decor. They are also incredibly customizable. For example, the buttons on an Alisse Wall Control panel are available in single, double, and triple-column configurations that can be tailored to your home and lifestyle.

Transformative Lighting Control

What else can Lutron home automation do for you? Well, you could let natural light in every morning at exactly the time you like and complement it with tunable fixtures programmed to the perfect hue and white temperature. Watch as fixtures around your home shift to match your lifestyle and enhance your mood depending on how you are using each space. Are you working late at the home office? Cool, white LED light temperatures will improve your focus and cognitive function. Has that seasonal cold got you glued to the bed? Set the lights to a warm temperature to optimize your sleep cycle and recovery time. 

Automating a home is not easy, but the luxury, comfort, and convenience of automation are worth every penny. Contact us today, and let’s automate your place with Lutron!

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