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How to Pick a Lighting Control System

A tablet mounted on a table with a Lutron lighting control system interface.

Find the Ideal System for Your Chicago Home 

There are two types of smart lighting solutions on the market today. The first is DIY, Bluetooth-connected lightbulbs controlled by your phone. Color and brightness options are limited, and if you own bulbs from different brands, you’ll have to switch between their apps and remotes. 

Then there’s the sophisticated, whole-home lighting system that syncs to all your fixtures, motorized shades, and thermostats, even if they’re made by different manufacturers. These premium systems are programmed and installed by a certified dealer and offer more possibilities and integration than off-the-shelf bulbs ever can. 

If you’re interested in a premium lighting control system but aren’t sure which is right for your Chicago home, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s compare lighting systems by some of the top brands today to help you decide. 

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A Better Way to Illuminate Your Home: Lutron Lighting Scenes

Hand tapping a Lutron lighting control wall keypad with floral wallpaper behind it.

Getting Started with Lutron & Lighting Scenes 

People have been illuminating their homes essentially the same way for over a hundred years—with on/off light switches. Of course, dimmers have become increasingly popular in recent years. But there’s never been an easy way to cultivate a specific mood with changeable colors and brightness levels—until now. 

Enter Luton. Lutron lighting control systems allow you to transform a room’s atmosphere with a single command, simultaneously adjusting the brightness and color temperature. Lutron lighting ‘scenes’ group lights into rooms or zones, allowing you to tweak the light’s output for the perfect mood. 

So, how do Lutron lighting scenes work, and when would you likely use them? In this blog, we'll share how to create scenes in the Lutron app with some ideas to try. Discover the possibilities for your home in Western Springs or the Chicago area. 

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Smart Shades Are a Can't-Miss Home Upgrade

Hunter Douglas cellular shades installed on floor-to-ceiling windows in a contemporary dining room.

High-End Motorized Window Treatments Make Your Home Stand Out

In the discerning realm of real estate, smart shades are emerging as a sought-after amenity. They offer several advantages over traditional shades, including convenience and style. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of this innovative shading option and provide specific examples of how they can be incorporated into your Western Springs, IL, home. Keep reading!

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Whole Home Lighting: How Smart Lighting Should Be


Control Your LED Lights & Shades from One Intuitive System

Following the news that incandescent bulbs are now banned in the U.S., more people than ever are looking into smart LEDs to achieve the warm glow that made incandescent bulbs so popular. Smart LEDs not only provide cozy, golden hues but also any shade of white and many colors of the rainbow, depending on the brand you purchase. 

While these plug-and-play smart bulbs are fun to use, they aren’t convenient in a whole-home application. Mixing smart bulbs from different manufacturers means you’ll be stuck with different apps and remotes just to change the color or dim your lights. 

A more efficient approach is to install a whole-home lighting system like Lutron. Lutron connects all your lights, motorized shades, and other home technologies into one simple interface. Let's delve into the distinct advantages that whole-home lighting control brings to your living spaces in Lake Geneva, WI.

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10 Ideas for Smart Lighting Control Scenes

A residential bathroom illuminated by purple lights in a lighting control system.

Create the Right Mood for Any Moment 

Once you’ve installed a lighting control system in your Chicago, IL, home, it’s time to start with scenes. In a system like Lutron, you can program scenes that adjust LED lights and motorized shades to custom settings. Through one command or an automated schedule, you can shift the brightness level, color temperature, and even beam width of certain LED fixtures. 

The possibilities are truly endless with a lighting control system. Here are some lighting scenes you can create in your Chicago home! 

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