2 Ways Automatic Blinds Adapt to Your Routine

A luxurious living room with automatic blinds.

Experience More Control and Luxury By Letting Your Blinds Work for You

When purchasing a new home, many people look for a house with beautiful windows that let in ample natural light. People love natural lights because of the way it illuminates a space and increases overall productivity and mental well-being. However, complicated manual blinds that never want to adjust properly and tend to break make it harder to take advantage of a home’s natural light. That’s why automatic blinds are such a popular addition in many smart homes. Motorized shades make it much easier to control the window treatments in your Chicago, IL, home, plus you can automate them to fit your needs. 

There are two main ways to automate your blinds. You can set a custom schedule or allow them to sense the light needs in your house. Keep reading to learn more about both of these options.

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3 Amazing Uses for High-End Speakers

Beautiful living room equipped with Sonos in-wall speakers.

Deliver Premium Audio To Your Entire Home

Music and audio are a big part of our daily lives. No matter the activity, we are almost always listening to something, whether it’s music in the morning, an audiobook while cooking dinner, or some soft tunes to relax with the family. That’s why so many people integrate high-end speakers into their homes. 

Home audio may not seem as important as smart lighting or climate control, but it’ll bring a whole new level of luxury to your Lincoln Park, IL, home. Need some ideas? check out these three areas you can incorporate premium speakers into your home!

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Enjoy Life More with Lutron Motorized Blinds

Lutron motorized shades half-open on three windows in a bedroom decorated with gray and white tones.

Add Convenience, Style, and Security to Your Home with Automation 

If there is one recommendation we love to make to our clients, it is investing in motorized blinds. Once you do, you’ll wonder how you got by without them. There’ll be no more glares across your television, faded furniture, and no more high electricity bills due to intense cooling on a hot summer day.

As a Lutron dealer, we highly recommend the quality and style of Lutron motorized blinds. Lutron is the leading brand in this technology and offers various options to ensure your satisfaction.

Continue reading for ways that Lutron motorized blinds can help you enjoy life more in your Lincoln Park, IL home.

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Create a Cinematic Experience with a Home Theater Installation

Luxury home theater installation with sophisticated seating and stunning video on the screen.

How to capture the magic and majesty of movies in your own home

Movies are one of the few art forms that communicate across continents and cultures, expressing universal ideals. In just 125 years since the Lumiere brothers (the earliest filmmakers in history) first shocked Paris audiences with their films, the medium has grown to a globally dominant tour de force. 

Film has the unique ability to pull us into its storylines and connect with the characters, transporting us to other times, dimensions, and personal perspectives. A home theater installation offers the thrill and excitement of the ultimate cinema experience right in your house. 

If you are curious about the possibilities for your Chicago, IL smart home, continue reading below.

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The All-In-One Experience of Home Automation

A woman’s hand reaching for a cup of coffee. A tablet with a home automation interface is next to her on the counter.

Can a Smart Home System Help You Live Simpler? 

Only a decade or so ago, many of us owned mp3 players, cell phones, and cameras that we used on a daily basis. If we were going on a trip, we’d pack our iPod, video camera, and car GPS before hitting the road. 

But once smartphones gained popularity, our music, cameras, and information were all consolidated into one device. We no longer need several gadgets to navigate the world. And with technology features like Apple Pay, some people don’t even carry a wallet when they leave the house anymore! 

You can think of smart home automation like the consolidation of smartphones. All your home’s devices and systems combine to be controlled from one platform, simplifying your daily routines. Systems like Control4 and Elan allow homeowners to access lighting, audio-video, HVAC, security, and more from a single interface, making home technology easier than ever. 

How does it work? Learn how the simplicity and luxury of automation can enhance your Lincoln Park, IL home below! 

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