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Program Your Lutron Lighting Solutions to Work for You

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Discover how your Lutron lights can integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle

Lutron is one of the best brands in the automation business, and their product, Lutron lighting, is no exception to that rule. If your Chicago, IL, living space requires an upgrade regarding lighting, atmosphere, and ambiance, you're in the right place!

r:Home can assist you in everything Lutron-related, lighting included. Keep reading to learn more about Lutron illumination systems and how they can integrate into your lifestyle to add a touch of luxury to your home and exterior. 

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Integrating Lutron Lighting Systems

Lutron lighting can easily integrate into various lifestyles, regardless of what you do, where you work, or your household size. The r:Home team will assist in developing a program that works for you, focusing on the following. 


You can easily control your Lutron lights with your smartphone, tablet, or voice command, allowing you to adjust the color temperature and intensity of the lights in your home quickly and to your liking. This easy-adjustment feature is beneficial if you have mobility issues, want to control the lighting in hard-to-reach areas, or simply want a completely effortless lifestyle. 

Energy Savings

Everyone loves a lower electric bill. Installing a Lutron light program will reduce energy consumption and lower monthly utility payments. This is the perfect way to remain eco-friendly, too!

The system can automatically adjust the lighting based on occupancy or daylight levels, ensuring that lights are only on when needed. As an official Lutron dealer, we can assist you in setting your lights to whatever schedule will work best for you. 

Unmatched Comfort

Lutron lighting provides the ultimate comfortable and inviting environment in every room of your home or just the rooms you prefer. You can adjust the lighting to match your mood or activity, whether reading a book, watching TV, or entertaining guests.

Security Boost

Lighting control can help enhance the security of your home. We'll help you program your lights to turn on and off at specific times or randomly, giving the impression that someone is home even when you're not!

Complete Customization 

Complete customization is how Lutron seamlessly fits into your preferences and lifestyle. From personalized lighting scenes for different times of day, such as bright lighting in the morning and dim lighting in the evening, to automatic adjustments based on your schedule, Lutron has it all!

Take Lutron Outside

We'll show you how to program Lutron for your home's exterior, as they offer a variety of products specifically designed for outdoor use, including landscape, security, and accent lighting. You can quickly turn outdoor lights on and off and program your system to create different lighting scenes for special events or holidays. 

The control options for outdoor lighting are extensive, including wireless remote controls, smartphone apps, and voice-activated assistants. Exterior lighting systems are just as efficient, so you can continue to lower energy bills and enjoy a well-lit and secure outdoor space.

Bring Lutron into Your Home

r:Home can bring Lutron lighting to your household today. Lutron has endless features to elevate your luxury lighting, from safety to convenience to everything in between. Connect with our consultant team to explore the possibilities!

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